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Who Am I!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Over the last couple of days I have been asked what is my story, what made me want to open my own business, what motivates me. Funny, all my life I have taken care of others and never thought about myself, I had to really sit down and think about it. All my focus on me to create my brand story, this was not going to be easy, I really struggled! But here we go:

Who Am I:

I have worn my hats over my life. Big sister, girlfriend, fiancé, best friend, auntie, cousin, leader, caregiver, advocate, nurse, team lead, manager, supervisor, mother (single and married), and wife. But the one hat I am the most proud of is the unconditional caring I have for people in general.

I am mother of 5 children and a grandmother of one. My husband is permanently, disabled in a wheelchair but the amount of love and support he provides makes him my hero daily. By no mean is he not a protector, provider, and prophet over our family and he works himself to the bone to make sure we have all of our needs and most of our wants. At the tender age of 16y/o he was shot by a friend, but that has not stopped his aspirations and motivation. He was a father and a student that graduated from college, worked for a Fortune 500 company, and mostly important married me! We met online, got engaged 3 weeks later, we were married 3 weeks later, 3 months later I was pregnant with our first child and this year we will be celebrating our 16th year anniversary. He never ceases to amaze me with the barriers he overcomes. From driving his "transformer truck" to fathering our 3 kids. Yes we are blended, he had one child and I had one child and we have three kids together. But when asked we have 5 children as we love them all the same!

My youngest son, we called him the "Hail Baby" has autism. Why you may ask why he's called the "Hail Baby?" In 2016 Wylie, TX had two hail storms back to back to back. Our cars were destroyed, twice and our house was trashed. We had water pouring in the ceiling and like so many could not stay in the house. Our awesome State Farm Agent (Not Jake from State Farm but Dominic from State Farm) climbed up on top of the house with loafers on in an attempt to patch the holes. Later realizing we could not stay in the house. We were relocated to the Marriott with room service, no transportation, a room for the kids, and our own room! Hence is where the name "Hail Baby" comes from! Lol!

So with so many kids (a grandson), a husband in a wheelchair, an autistic son, making hand-made crafts, decorating for kids parties (family and friends), remodeling the RV for the business myself, cooking, cleaning, and working 2 jobs when would I even have time to start a company! It's called sleep deprivation and motivation to want to make a difference in my community! Besides a sister in law that won't let me quit! Love you CoCo!

Maneuvers IV Therapy was founded by two determined, ambitious nurses with one focused objective: utilizing technological resources to providing health and wellness on the move. The founders share over 34 years of nursing experience from Critical Care to Dialysis. One founder had been pushing the other founder for years to leave her corporate job and become her business partner. For years the hesitant founder declined worrying about health insurance, salary, and business failure. Blindly, the hesitant founder woke up one morning, decided she did not want to compromise her family anymore, continuing to make “big businesses” richer with her time, effort, and dedication. The hesitant founder called the motivated founder and said, “Let’s do It!” For many years they have dedicated their lives to their patients and decided it was time to jump out on a leap of faith.

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